Halloween Make-up Tutorial: Ventriloquist Dummy

We love Halloween in this household- I may or may not have been making Halloween decorations in July. I also LOVE plotting and planning my Halloween costume for the year. Last year, I was the Queen of Hearts and, well, I went a little overboard at the trunk-or-treat.

Queen of Hearts
Down the rabbit hole!

The mini can never make up his mind about his costume. He normally lists twenty costume choices before finally choosing the craziest option at Target. Two years ago, that option would be a purple hippopotamus. Last year, it was a slightly more common choice: a shark.

This year, we are continuing with the normal October indecisiveness. Enter the weekend morning Halloween makeover. The mini saw snippets of the Goosebumps movie and he thought the ventriloquist dummy character, Slappy, was the creepiest thing ever (he is not wrong).

I used my Savvy mineral make-up to create this look. I love this make-up from Young Living because it is all-natural and has the best coverage! The main thing I used for this look was my black multi-tasker. Check out the finished look in this video along with the products and steps to recreate it at home!

Slappy in the making.

Young Living Savvy Mineral products used:

  • Veil Diamond Dust
  • Liquid Foundation in Ivory
  • Matte Primer
  • Powder Foundation in Warm 2
  • Black Multi-tasker
  • Brown Multi-tasker
  • Blush in “I Do Believe You’re Blushing”
  • Volumizing Mascara

Steps for recreating the look:

  • Apply primer to entire face and lids.
  • Use the foundarions on entire face to provide a good foundation for the make-up.
  • Using a small wet angled brush, use the Veil to create a half-circle under the eye to create the illusion of a bigger rounder eye.
  • Using the black Multi-tasker and a wet angled brush, draw an outline around the half-circle.
  • Next, use the black Multi-tasker and a wet angled brush to draw eyelashes and lines that angle down from the lips to the chin on either side of the mouth.
  • Darken the eyebrows with the brown Multi-tasker and add a slight angle to make the brows look more menacing.
  • Apply Veil to upper eyelid
  • Add two coats of mascara.
  • Use the blush mixed with a little brown Multi-tasker to contour a U shape under the cheekbones.
  • Use brown Multi-tasker and a wet angled brush to add freckles.
  • Add red lipstick.
  • Contour along the slides of the nose with brown Multi-tasker and a dry brush. Blend.

Interested in Young Living Savvy Minerals? Contact me for more details!

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