DIY Stain Stick

One way we save money around our household is to use Young Living’s concentrated products in a diluted form. A favorite of mine is my DIY stain stick- probably because my seven year-old’s main form of movement is sliding on his knees through the grass. I was having such a hard time getting the stains out of his jeans until I tried the recipe below (bonus you also get a recipe for fabric softener and linen spray- YAY!):

This is a tried and true method around our house for getting out those stubborn stains! See it in action below!

When you are all finished making up your 10 mL roller, you can click here to download some cute stain stick labels for your creation!

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I'm an nature-loving, essential oil-obsessed, creative boy mom who wears many hats: education professional by day, blogger by night and weekend! I love turning the mundane into something worth talking about. Join me as I attempt to navigate everyday life with grace, efficiency, and of course, humor.

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