July Summer Slide Calendar Is HERE!

I made this a little easier on everyone this month. While my summer slide ideas will still live in my highlights on Instagram, I also wanted to make you a tangible resource with all the ideas in one spot. I will follow-up this blog post with a short post that details some of the more complex summer slide ideas (they are the ones that say “see blog for more information.” If you are new to the blog and have no clue what I am talking about, head over the Instagram and follow me @survivingthemundane or you can also search the blog for “summer slide” as I am slowly transferring some of that content over here.

Click here to download your free summer slide calendar and Happy Learning!

Published by Surviving the Mundane

I'm an nature-loving, essential oil-obsessed, creative boy mom who wears many hats: education professional by day, blogger by night and weekend! I love turning the mundane into something worth talking about. Join me as I attempt to navigate everyday life with grace, efficiency, and of course, humor.

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