Hi there! Did we just become best friends?! My name is Kim and I attempt being an adult daily- sometimes I even have fantastic results. My family and I just moved to South Carolina from Florida. 15 years ago I started teaching in Jacksonville, Florida. I never imagined the opportunities I would have later during those early years in the classroom- reading interventionist, literacy coach, district literacy and curriculum specialist, and assistant principal. This fall, I returned back to the classroom to devote more time to my most important role yet- mom! We have a fun-loving, high energy little boy who I will often refer to as the mini (as in mini version of my hubby). Having experienced all these roles, and having gained insight from all different levels of education (K-12), including the being a parent, I want to provide support and resources for educators and parents. When everyone works together, everyone benefits- most importantly, the children. Outside of education, I am passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle for my family (I even own a small business to help others live healthy as well. Follow me for tips, ideas, conversation, and resources on navigating school and life.

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