July Summer Slide Calendar Is HERE!

I made this a little easier on everyone this month. While my summer slide ideas will still live in my highlights on Instagram, I also wanted to make you a tangible resource with all the ideas in one spot. I will follow-up this blog post with a short post that details some of the moreContinue reading “July Summer Slide Calendar Is HERE!”

DIY Stain Stick

One way we save money around our household is to use Young Living’s concentrated products in a diluted form. A favorite of mine is my DIY stain stick- probably because my seven year-old’s main form of movement is sliding on his knees through the grass. I was having such a hard time getting the stainsContinue reading “DIY Stain Stick”

Georgia on my Mind, Part Two: Helen, GA and Vogel State Park

With every switch back, the trail immerses you in the sounds of the surrounding forest; however, at the midpoint of each switchback you can briefly hear the falls before being enveloped by the quietness of the forest again. After we checked out of Amicalola State Park (see Part One), we meandered along the base ofContinue reading “Georgia on my Mind, Part Two: Helen, GA and Vogel State Park”

Halloween Make-up Tutorial: Ventriloquist Dummy

We love Halloween in this household- I may or may not have been making Halloween decorations in July. I also LOVE plotting and planning my Halloween costume for the year. Last year, I was the Queen of Hearts and, well, I went a little overboard at the trunk-or-treat. The mini can never make up hisContinue reading “Halloween Make-up Tutorial: Ventriloquist Dummy”